Why Anthony Powell – Herbalife joins Vemma

Why Anthony Powell – Herbalife joins Vemma

Written by Kian Soon

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I saw the news that one of  Herbalife Ltd.’s largest independent distributors, Anthony Powell, has left the company to join Vemma and is exhorting his 16,000 distributors to join with him. Despite of what the success he has achieved in Herbalife as the first MLM company he joined, I really curious why he pick Vemma now? I am sure many of you who are working in this industry might have a same question as me.

Why Anthony Powell – Herbalife Joins Vemma ?

What leads him to join Vemma organization? Watch the video below from BK’s video blog:

He said ” First of all, people first product second, people first business second……” . Anthony was drawn to Vemma because of Vemma’s commitment to putting people first. BK, the founder of Vemma has been network marketer since he was very young and nurtured so much about this industry since his father was in this industry. He really put distributor first business second.

Anthony brings a team of thousands with him that will also join as Brand Partners. On a recent webcast, Anthony said, “I haven’t found any other company in this industry featuring products of such high quality and consumer appeal. This is going to be the biggest explosion in network-marketing history. This is a big move for all of us.” BK and everyone here at Home Office is proud to welcome Anthony Powell and his team on our mission of people helping people. Anthony has been in this industry for more than 20 years and achieved a lot of success with Herbalife. Obviously what it takes to make MLM company succeed. Based on his vast experience and success, he knows what the future holds for Vemma and sees the potential of Vemma to grow more and faster than Herbalife before he joins Vemma.

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